Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day......the one day a year all about Dad.  

This year for Steven, Father's Day was a little more special.   He was able to spend it with BOTH of his kids.

But before I get into that, we have to start back on PT day for Rylan.

Every time we go to the Therapist, She always starts him off stretching. Makes sense as they recommend stretching before every workout.


He was not feeling therapy at all.  Honestly I do not blame him. I NEVER want to workout.  As Danyle was putting him to a stand. he really started to give her a hard time.  When we heard one of the other therapist with another child out in the hallway,   

The little mat/bed she had Rylan on was directly in front of the door.   Suddenly Rylan laid his eyes upon a little beauty with long brown hair. Doing her therapy exercises on one of the pieces of equipment.  Suddenly Rylan's testosterone kicked in and he changed, I have grown to know Rylan and his Bipolar, hormonal ways.  Danyle has needless to say watching Rylan bat his eyelashes and giggle at the little girl made for great entertainment.

Ill be honest when I found out Rylan was going to be "special".  I never really thought that on top of all his other needs he would go through these changes just as powerful as any typical child does.  It makes for some very LOOONG days. 

When we were leaving therapy it was brought to my attention that our absolute favorite nurse was having her baby!  Yeah Ill admit I spent the majority of the day stalking her Facebook looking for updates.  

When Steven came home later that night, She had finally had an adorable baby boy.  I had to go meet him.  So the next morning Steven stayed home with Ry and I went up to meet Baby Brayden,

Isn't he soo beautiful?
As I was leaving the Hospital, I of course had to get back to work.   Because NOTHING happens the way it needs to.....I am forced to have to call Rylan's nursing agency to follow up with them about getting a new nurse since we requested the last one not come back. 

Of course they have NOTHING.  So I made them a deal they have till we get back from California 4th of July weekend to get me somebody.   

I am pretty sure NOTHING will still be the story when we get back,  So I am  gonna have to get all psycho mom to get the Job done.   Why can't they just make it easy?  Just do the job?

Saturday Morning we all woke up nice and early. Because we needed to be to the airport, before 9, because...Steven's daughter Amaryssa was coming to visit for the first time in 3 years,  3 YEARS!!!!  We missed her!

Steven tried to act all nonchalant about it. But you could tell, he was super pumped!

Rylan on the other hand........was not feeling it. (Shocker, I know). He was giving us nothing but difficulty the entire morning.

As we were leaving the house I ran straight into the kitchen table and jammed up my toes on my right foot. Awesome.

With my foot in a lot of pain, I drove us all to the airport.  We got Rylan and went in to wait.

We were sitting in one of the airport lobbys waiting for Amaryssa to come down the stairs.   It was oddly quiet.

We continued to hear the announcement the airport plays welcoming passengers, yet we saw no one.

My phone dings it was Amaryssa saying her plane landed early and she was here,

We decided we needed to look for another lobby,  as we were walking down we noticed a large group of people.  Well that is where she probably is......

We got to the lobby just as she was walking down the stairs,   Whew!

This girl has grown.   Damn. 

Once we got her luggage we headed out.   Rylan was all good till we got home.  Then he was losing his mind.  I don't mind him being in a bad mood.  However he has this whine he does incredibly loud that hits a certain level where it rattles my nerves.  

So I suggested the pool.   Steven agreed and went to blow it up.   as we were waiting on the pool we got to see how much Amaryssa has blossomed in her dance. 


When the pool was ready we got Rylan in which perked him up.  But the pool needed to be cleaned. It was hard to enjoy yourself when all you feel is the nastiness of sliminess on the bottom of the pool.  So we all got out quickly.   

Since that was out Amaryssa and I ran to WalMart.   

On the way back she drove my huge ass van
pardon my berry tongue

I know this may not seem like a huge deal, but she is only 16 years younger then me!  I still feel like I am 20.  So when she shows up with the ability to drive, I cried a little on the inside. I almost have to force myself to acknowledge that NOPE I am 32, with a 10 year old and 16 year old. 

Later that night Steven had to leave to take the neighbor to the ER.  Yep were all super friendly and shit, that our neighbors rely on us.

So I cooked dinner for us.  Well me.  

They all passed out on me!  I couldn't wake them up.

Oh well Dinner was DELICIOUS, 

That leads us to Fathers Day. 

Steven was up at 5 am...Why? 

To go golfing with my Dad and Brother of course! 

I was excited because he hasn't been in so long! Why the early t-time you ask?  It was gonna be almost 110 degrees.  Get the golf done early!

While the boys golfed My Mom brought my Niece because We were gonna make a nacho buffet.  


It was nice.  Amaryssa shared with us some of her dance routines, making Jayde fall in love.  SHe followed her everywhere.


It was seriously so cute to watch how much she loved her.  Then it dawned on me I had a pic of them from 3 years prior.

We had to remake it of course. 

I felt a little bad for Rylan though.  He seemed like he wanted to play with them too. But of course couldn't. So I tried to hang out with him and keep him happy

what felt like a good 6 hours later the boys came back.  We finally could eat.


My Mom makes a mean nacho.  

Sits like a rock in the gut.....

But it is sooooo good! 

Once our Golfer Dads finished was all over.

Add caption

The rest of the family left later.  It was nice to see Steven enjoy a much deserved Father's Day,  I really wish he could have that day everyday with how hard he works. 

Later that night we had Family game night....We rocked a little Battlefield 3

To finish with some UNO!

Rylan pooped out on us!   

Needless to say it was a fun weekend,  Nice to be able to have my complete family here.   I get to learn how to be a Mom of 2 for the next month.  Learning how to be a Mom of an independent teenager who can talk back is an experience, as I am used to my Non verbal, relying on me for everything child.  

But so far its super fun.


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