Sunday, March 11, 2012


I know not a lot of people read this.....but thats ok I need to express my thoughts regardless......after I recently posted a link about being a special needs parent I got thinking....
    Its very frustrating at times having a kid with special needs......not because I have a kid with special needs but because of everyone else.
    Rylan doesnt walk, he doesnt talk....with words. But he still has a bubbly soul and an AWESOME personality as well as a laugh that is sooo contagious he can get a room rolling in laughter however one thing that gets to me more then anything is when people dont know how to treat him like a regular kid....
   Its not only for strangers but for family as well.......there have been family members that dont intract with him and ignore him. As far as strangers've got the stares...especially from little kids.
   We will cover the stranger issue first...I know little kids will stare but the issue stems from the parents....and those of you reading this with kids take a moment to you let your kids stare at the little girl with the strange walk wearing a bib cause she drools? Or the little boy in the wheelchair looking at toys? This is one thing that boils my blood sooooooo quickly. We have been places where the kids walk away from their parents and stand about a foot away staring at Rylan.......I look at the parents who are totally oblivious. When does the kid stop staring? When the parent finally yells at them to leave.
  Family I wont get into too much.....accept it breaks my heart to see Rylan get excited to see people and they dont talk to him. Or say Hi and thats it. To me this is UNEXCEPTABLE. You are family. When you interact with other kids just fine if the roles were reversed I would be considered horrible.....there is no reason the same cant apply in his case.
   My biggest wish is for parents to EDUCATE their children and family to educate themselves on special kids/people. Because Rylan is just like every other kid.
   Rylan doesnt like to get up in the morning, loves cartoons (especially Spongebob), He gets his clothes from the same stores your kids get theirs, he likes sports, and music, loves the outdoors.......So to me take away the wheelchair and learn his is he any different? How is he any less special? and for those who will have a problem with what I wrote sit back and think about it...without making excuses and how far would this treatment fly if it was YOUR "normal" child being treated this way?