Thursday, November 15, 2012

No time for sick!!!!

Omg, yeah I am still sick.......Guess who else wanted to join in? Yep you guessed it, Rylan.

A couple days ago I spent most of the day up in Tucson taking care of my mom as she just had surgery. So Rylan got to stay home and have "man time" with dad.  He seemed to be doing great!

Around 6pm he passed out.....if any time he passes out I always want his o2 checked. His oxygen was not bad at all.....but it was lower then normal.  So we sat back and ate dinner all the while i kept an eye on him.

The only thing that came as a red flag to me was that he seemed to be breathing really fast. But he wasn't "belly breathing", when I use the term "belly breathing" im referring to when a child has a hard time breathing they will use their ab muscles to compensate.

Nothing seemed wrong, yet he was breathing fast and his heart rate was high......Steven sent me to bed and was gonna stay up and check on him...everything must have seemed fine because soon our house was fast asleep.....

Until 1am the next morning, I woke up to Rylan grunting, (another sign of troubled breathing, very creepy sounding). So I got up and checked on him, stats were still low and his heart rate still, high. Rylan needed to be changed so I asked Steven to help me out, I had to get up in a few short hours so I went back to bed and Steven (being the great dad he is) stayed up giving Rylan another treatment.  That seemed to hold him over for a couple of hours, then at 530 Rylan woke us up still grunting, so Steven and I opted to put him on some oxygen. I then I called the Pulmonologist.

I was up in Tucson again taking care of my mom, but Steven kept me in the loop.....for the most part it seemed like Rylan was doing ok.

When we saw the doctor he told us it seemed Rylan probably had a mucus plug that caused some we just need to treat until he is off the oxygen.  Ok sounds good we can do that........only he has a cough.

So now that momma is able to walk.......I dont need to drive to Tucson, All I have to do is focus on healing my child.......and maybe getting some rest.

So here is to Rylan getting better and off oxygen in time for thanksgiving! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lets Eat, Breathe and be Married

Wow....two months can fly by quick. It's crazy how much can happen in a short time frame.

Since pulling Rylan out of school and placing him in the home bound has life finally got a little easier!

Well It took a little time to get Rylan in the program. Rylan is the first kid to have to do this is Sahuarita so of course everyone had to have a say. After a couple of meetings and driving up to Tucson to get letters from doctors, as well as lots of paperwork.....Rylan now has school at home.

Let me tell you he has been doing AWESOME! (knock on wood). He has been stating better then he has in a long time!

It's been great! But then the special needs mommy curse rears its ugly head and I keep thinking....he has been healthy for TOO long.......whats gonna hit him and when?

If your anything like Steven, as you are reading this your thinking he has been healthy enjoy it! Trust me I am! But you also have to understand that Rylan has a tendency to get sick out of no where!

Well the entire month of October Rylan was kept in lock down...... No No it wasn't as bad as it sounds.  Steven and I were finally tying the knot and Rylan needed to stay healthy.....the safest way to ensure this happens is by not having him go anywhere and making sure all that enter our house were healthy and washed their hands prior to touching Rylan.

We did plenty of things to keep Rylan occupied. 

Reading Spongebob

Watched Football

He even made GREAT accomplishments with schooling! He is communicating with his head switch better now!

That leads us up to November 1st......the day Steven and I got married!!!! I was lucky enough I had a healthy little boy to be our "Ring Security"

Now that all the smoke is clear, the desert is finally starting to feel like winter.  Homes are starting to gear up for the holidays.....Im still trying to keep up on keeping Rylan healthy........But I have failed on keeping myself healthy as I am now battling allergies....or a cold......not sure now I get to rock a very stylish face mask when caring for Rylan when my wonderful husband (hee hee I said husband) is at work.