Monday, October 28, 2013

Hyster-mom (may be TMI for some of you judgmental fools)

What A crazy few days it has been.........I had surgery for the first time ever.......and I was so scared.   Steven took the day before off as I had to do a bowel prep.....This was horrible!!

2 bottles of magnesium citrate...I am sure some of you who have done this know its disgusting. and once I started I was on clear liquids. So 200 pm, my surgery was 130 pm the next day.  So needless to say I was starving.

When we got ready to leave the day of surgery I started crying I didn't want to leave Rylan.  I know it sounds super pathetic but I was scared....about going under, I have never experienced it before.  

Got to the hospital and I really started getting nervous.......We went and checked in and they took blood and were rushing me because supposedly my doctor was ready for me.   We got to the prep area....and my doc was still in surgery......

According to the nurse she was ahead of schedule, well we sat and waited.  My doc came in and talked to me, then we waited.  A few of the nurses assisting came in and talked to me, each giving their own experiences with surgery in hopes to relax me.  Finally about 120 the Anesthesiologist came in to talk to me.  I shared with him how terrified I was about going under and he laughed.  Then gave me some drugs to relax me and honestly I couldn't stop laughing

They wheeled me in and before I knew it I was waking up in recovery.  I dont remember much but I remember I kept asking for ice chips and my nurse said no because I just got in there.  after an hour the rolled me in my room Where my husband, mom, step-mom Sandi and Will were waiting.

They left shortly after and as I started passing out, my husband did too.......I was feeling so sick.   The nurse I had that night was amazing......she explained that I had a non-stop drip of morphin along with the button.  I hardly hit the button but all I knew is I wanted to sleep........But my room was right by the door to the unit.

As most special mommies, or moms in general know any little noise can wake you needless to say i had a hard time sleeping because I kept hearing the door open and close.

I am a side sleeper, so I tried to sleep on my side while I was there.......I woke up to my night gown soaked on the side I was laying on......the PCT said it was sweat because I had a ton of blankets on........ok. So whe took some off and I went back to sleep and rolled on the opposite side....again I woke up to the same thing......Then a light bulb went off.   I check the catheter holder on my was open.......gross.

So I call the nurse in and they come help me.....I ask if I could take it out.......They answer....NO.
I ask if I can take a shower........they answer NO. So they cleaned up my bed and I wiped off with these wipes they gave me and I start Im freezing..I get back in bad and they warm up my room.   But  I still feel gross.......Especially since its hard to feel good about yourself when you technically just peed the bed as an adult........ugh.

The nurse comes back around 630 and takes the catheter out.......FINALLY!  Then my doc came in shortly after......Ever since I have been in surgery my heart rate was extremely high.  So she tells me she is tentatively going to put discharge papers in but is going to request an EEG and to have the internal medicine doc to  come talk to me but there is a chance they may keep me for one more day.  Great......I got a little scared because it felt like my body was betraying me.....I felt totally relaxed no reason for my heart rate to be out of control.

By now Steven shows up, I sit myself straight up and tried to eat some breakfast.  I took 2 bites of oatmeal and wanted to puke. So I ask to get the morphine out of me, they did and gave me anti-nausea meds........slowly I started feeling better.

The PCT comes in with the EEG machine, and could not get it to work.  I was starting to get annoyed. The internal med doc came in to talk to me.   During the night they ran blood work on me twice to make sure I didnt have an infection because of my heart when the doc came in she looked at that, then watch the EEG.  She said everything looked fine......Now What I DIDNT know was the anesthesiologist said my heart rate was high during surgery.....and Then I was told it can take up to 36 hours for the anesthesia to be completely out  of  your system....SO the Doc is thinking a reaction to it.........

My parents come by and visit, and when Steven and my Dad get together they keep cracking jokes, which I laugh and it hurts then my favortie TMC employee Pam Comes by as well.  When They leave I attempt to shower, Steven helps me of course.  The water pressure at the hospital is INSANE.  it hurt.  I get out and I cant stop shaking so I try to relax before I attempt to walk.  Steven and I take a walk and get back to the room and I try to settle in and nap.......just when Im about to fall asleep the nurse comes in with my discharge paper work.

We get home and I am super excited to see Rylan....I missed him! That boy didnt even act like I was gone!!!! Kinda sucked lol.

I go in our room and relax........I would walk out to get water and Rylan's nurse who had this surgery as well looks at me and says she is surprised im not sleeping.    I tell her Im not on any narcotics and she looks at me like im insane.    Whatever I can handle pain. What really got to me was the gas pressure. Later the night it hurt to was built up in my lower abdomen it hurt so bad.   I walked around the house at a 90 degree angle about to cry when Steven went to go buy me Gas-x to try and did!

Here I am day 3 out of surgery.........i am so excited I did this.......Due to the amount of health issues I  had due to this monster inside of me, I had put on so much weight....(I went from a size 1-2, to a size 11-12)  I felt disgusting.....I was uncomfortable all the time and my hormones were all over the place.

Since having it I feel so even........mentally and emotionally.   It's great! The Ovary that was left in started working immediately so  I had no adverse side effects........Everyday I feel a little better.  I would recommend it to everyone.

Yes this is all Im dealing with at the moment. =)