Friday, September 9, 2011

Hospital Stay #1 in 2011

Yesterday started off like any other day. Got Rylan him ready for school and put him on the bus. He was laughing and giggling. Basically acting like my normal kid. When he got home around 2:20 His nurse and I went to get him off the school  bus......however he did not appear to be normal.
 When rylan got off the school bus he was very pale in color....was asleep.......and he had bluish looking lips and dark circles around his eyes......when we get inside we get him out of his wheelchair. Jennifer tries to wake him and and his having alot of seemed like Rylan was post seizure......when we finally get him to wake up he gets a little color back but is struggling to breath, he is taking shallow short breaths and is very lethargic.  Jennifer then checks his oxygen which is at 84%.........his respitory rate was in the 30s. we werent liking the oxygen.....and being he was fine just that morning.......she checks the pulseox on herself.......well it was we decide to go ahead and put some O2 on Rylan we started off with a liter and got nothing so we bumped it up to a liter and a half  and got him in the high 80s and lower 90s....i was getting ready to load him in the truck to take him to the hospital....but then he starts acting in pain and breathing I called 9-1-1.

When the ambulance arrived they rushed in and began to take care of him........they brought the gurney and loaded him we go.....
As we are on our way to the hospital the paramedic managed to get a line in him......when we arrive we head straight in a room....they change him over and put him on alot of o2 but his stats keep dropping. So the nurse yells for help as they get ready to intubate him.....not to sure what happened but he started going then we do chest xray,bloodwork the works.....and are told his lungs look like a virus but he could have aspirated......they need to see how he does. then we are told we are going to be going to the ICU (no surprise there). We get into our room and they decide they are going to be putting him on non-stop albuterol with oxygen. and he will get the CPTs every hour.   Well Steven and I are super tired at this time so we pass out.......

that leads us to this morning...........lets see what they day brings....he seemed to ok over night, but this is rylan we are talking about